Katre is a visual artist born in 1977 in Paris where he currently lives. Carrying out a work allowing to make visible the abandoned places, he marked the field of street art by the originality of his approach mixing architecture and painting.

In 1993, Katre made his first graffiti. Ten years later, he presents his first canvas where painting and photography are mixed: an aesthetic approach that has become his trademark. His fascination with abandoned places is an opportunity for Katre to reflect on the occupation of territories in an urban environment. From a reflection on architecture and temporality, he invests in abandoned places and spends most of his time there from the end of the 1990s. He collects traces there, takes and keeps photographs which he will use as support for artistic research. His reflection is also marked by the human absence and the space of the old places of production and work, appealing here to the relationship to work in connection with the local territory, and in this echoes in the collective memory. In its immense external facades, its work invites inhabitants, workers, retirees, children, walkers, to react, express themselves and make speak the places in phase of being forgotten (or sometimes already forgotten).

Photography, screen printing, wood, cardboard, glass, old plans, metals, plexi, factory paper … The materials used by Katre are partly from in situ recoveries. These are all supports that allow him after long days in immersion to gain distance while remaining in phase with the places. These back and forths give a marked creation once in the workshop.

Thanks to the plastic intervention on his photos, Katre modifies the geometric landmarks and the architectures, it is a graphic destructuring of these places which are themselves marked by a temporal and climatic destructuring. In this, his work contributes to questioning the way we look at forgotten disaffected places, and in his own way participates in documenting these spaces, bringing them to life and immortalizing them.

To create his works, Katre reproduces and works on his black and white (and more recently monochrome) photographs and is inspired by these forgotten spaces to create strong dynamics. They help to give an impression of vitality in these places which are however partially destroyed and empty. Thus, we can find on some series a brightly colored letter – often the letter K of his name – comparable to explosive lines and speed. The final, complex work is characterized by a dynamic and contrasting composition, the flashes of color merging with the rubble and metal bars of the places photographed, them very real. Brushed aluminum, reclaimed wood or even glass, are some of the materials used today by the artist with the help of screen printing ink, acid lines and tags, or even with neon lights. Today, Katre uses supports and volume by seeking to create installations where photography, painting, neon lights, straps and rubble are mixed in order to offer an immersion in his universe, in these places already destroyed for the most part. .


Residence, Jardin Rouge, Montresso Foundation, Marrakech – Marocco (3 months)

Residence, Coblat Space, Toulouse – France (1 month)

Residence, Djerbahood, Itinerrance Gallery, Djerba – Tunisia(1 month)
Residence, Magda Danysz, Shanghaï – China (1 month)


Urban lines, Bonino-Langlais Gallery, La Baule – France
Vanishing Point, Wallworks Gallery, Paris – France

Urban Memories, Montresso Foundation, Marrakech – Marocco

Ruins & Meaning, Wallworks Gallery, Paris – France

Drawing K, Artsuggest Gallery, Paris – France

Out of time 2, Openspace Gallery, Paris – France
Wasteland, Celal Gallery, Paris – France


Urban Strata, duo show with LEK, Joel Knafo Gallery, Paris – France

VAO, Ground effect Gallery, At Down Gallery, Paris I Montpellier – France

Urban Art Biennale, Völklinger Hütte – Germany
Urban Conquest, Museum of Fine Arts, Calais – France

Entered into manners, Paris I Sorbonne University – France

Urban manifesto, The moon in parachute, Epinal – France
Off the wall, Artstage, Jakarta – Indonesia

Zepha&Katre, Korn Gallery, Stockholm – Sweden
Street pieces, Wallworks Gallery, Paris – France
On the walls, Crédit Municipal & Le Mur, Paris – France

Look Through, Bund 18, Magda Danysz gallery, Shanghaï – China


Installation,  L’Essentiel,  Paris – France
Facade, Ecole Brassart, Grenoble – France

Installation, Mister Freeze, Montauban – France
Installation, Dédale, Vannes – France

Installation and mural, la Baule – France
Installation for the Urban Art Biennale, Völklingen Hütte – Germany

Installation, La Conserverie, Marrakech – Marocco

Street Generation, The public condition, Roubaix – France
Facade, Grands Voisins, Paris – France

Installation in the Molitor hotel, Paris – France
Facade for the Up There Festival, Porto – Portugal
Fresco for “Slow down Street art”, Post Museum, Paris – France

Fresco for Villette Street Festival, Paris – France
Installation at the MAC of Créteil – France

Installation for Tower 13, Paris – France


Author of the book “Hors du Temps 2” I “Timless”, 2012, Pyramides editions (4000 copies)

Author of the book “Hors du Temps” I “Timless”, 2005, Colorszoo editions (6000 copies)

Katre, Point de Fuite, Exhibition catalog, Wallworks Gallery, 2019

Katre, Ruins and senses, Exhibition catalog, Wallworks Gallery, 2016

Katre, Entropik cities, Criteria editions, coll. Opus Delit, 2016